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As a young adult, there are many ways to access contraceptives, including emergency contraceptives and contraceptive devices, in the state of Florida which include:


Medicaid and Private Insurance:

  • Medicaid and Private Insurances are federally required to provide family planning services and supplies as a benefit to those enrolled.

    • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including obstetrical and family planning services are covered through insurance in Florida.

    • Through Medicaid, one type of contraceptive should be covered (the pill, the patch, injection, condoms, etc.) but not every brand is covered.

    • If there is a medical reason for the need of a type of contraceptive that is not covered, your provider can submit a “medical necessity” claim to the insurance, and they must cover it.


Medicaid Family Planning Waiver:

  • For individuals who do not qualify for full coverage Medicaid, the Medicaid Family Planning Waiver is given to those who qualify.

  • Family planning services are provided to qualified women, aged 14 to 55, under the Medicaid Family Planning Waiver program for up to 24 months.

  • Contraceptives covered:

    • Birth control pills, patch, and vaginal ring.

    • Depo-Provera injection

    • The Implant (Single rod implant)

    • Sterilization (tubes tied or blocked)

    • Intrauterine devices and systems (IUDs/IUSs)

  • Services covered:

    • Physical exams (Pap smear, breast exam, STI testing.)

    • Family planning counseling and pregnancy tests

    • Family planning visits, including prescriptions for contraceptives.

    • Birth control supplies including condoms.

    • Colonoscopies and STI treatment.

    • Tubal ligations

    • Vasectomies             


Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs):

  • These health centers serve medically underserved areas and populations by providing primary care services on a sliding scale based on the patient’s ability to pay.

    • Preconception care, STI screening, STI treatment, and contraception are provided at these health centers.

    • These centers are covered by Title X and allow anyone to receive services regardless of age, sex, income, insurance coverage, immigration status, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic.

  • Suncoast Community Health Centers is a Title X provider in Hillsborough County offering health services on a sliding scale.

  • The Florida Department of Health provides the location for all Title X providers in the state.


For more information about the listed resources or general information about accessing contraceptives in Florida please refer to “Accessing Contraceptives in Florida: A Toolkit for Young Adults” published by Florida Health Justice Project and National Health Law Program.


Explore the Teen Connect searchable directory to easily locate a nearby health center providing comprehensive contraceptive and birth control resources tailored to your needs!

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