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The adolescent and teen years can be a confusing time as you are quickly growing and changing. It is also a time when young people explore their sexuality, which includes sexual preferences, attractions and interests, and gender identity, or how gender is expressed. This time can be even more challenging for youth that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and others (LGBTQ+). No matter your sexual orientation or gender, you have the right to equal access to healthcare services and sexual health resources. Browse our Searchable Directory Page to find a health clinic near you that offers inclusive services.


  • Check out TeenSource.org for the 101 on sexuality
    and gender identity, and tips for coming out to peers and family.


  • Visit TheTrevorProject.org to learn about TrevorText,
    a confidential and secure resource that provides live help for LGBTQ youth with a trained specialist,
    over text messages.

    • Text START to 678678.

  • Visit IWannaKnow.org for links to more resources for LGBTQ+ youth.