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Minor Consent Laws & Confidentiality

Florida law allows for confidential access to the following family planning
services for adults and young people, including those under 18 (minors):

  • Contraceptives (Birth Control) and Pregnancy Testing

    • May consent if married, a parent or pregnant

    • May consent if physician determines probable health hazards if
      services are not provided

    • May be kept confidential


  • Emergency Contraception (Also called Plan B or Morning After Pill)

    • No parental consent needed

    • Confidential services may be provided


  • STD and HIV Testing and Treatment

    • No parental consent needed

    • Services are confidential and cannot be shared with others directly or
      indirectly, such as sending a bill for services to a parent or guardian.


This means that no matter where you receive these services, you have the right to keep this information confidential, so your doctor can't tell your parents or guardians without your consent.


Access to Family Planning Services Through Title X

Some health clinics receive funding through Title X Family Planning, a federal program that provides access to a broad range of family planning and reproductive health services.


At these clinics, teens ages 12 and older have access to the following family planning services, and do not need health insurance or parental permission to access services. You also do not need to be a resident of Hillsborough County to receive these services.


Visit our Searchable Directory Page to find a health clinic near you that offers family planning services.


Do you live outside of Hillsborough County? Search for resources in your area:

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