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YAB’s Tips on Surviving Thanksgiving

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that can be a great time with friends and family, or a dreaded time with friends and family. With the whole family together in most cases, Thanksgiving can be tricky, and sometimes result in unwanted stress. These are some tips on surviving the holiday, whether you look forward to the day or not.

1. Prepare for invasive questions

Thanksgiving, for some people, may be the only holiday, besides Christmas, where the whole family is together, including extended family member. This will lead to “catching up”, which really just means lots of questions. Some of these might be lighthearted and fun, others might be uncomfortable. The best thing to do is prepare some answers. This can help make things just a less awkward during dinner. Prepare what you want to say if asked:

  • “Are you dating anyone?”

  • “Where do you want to go to college?”

  • “Do you have a job?”

  • “What is school like?”

2. Dress nice

The best way to avoid an uncomfortable situation of being underdressed, is to be overdressed. Wear what you feel best in, and the most confident in. Wear something that will be comfortable after eating pounds of turkey as well.

3. Compliment the cook

Preparing a turkey is hard work! Or ham, or whatever you eat on Thanksgiving. Cooking for the whole family is dedication and hard work. Make sure to give thanks to the cook and anyone contributing to the dinner. It is the holiday of gratitude after all.

4. Have an exit strategy

Thanksgiving dinners can be overwhelming. A lot of people at one table can cause anxiety and discomfort. It’s important to remain calm and have an excuse at hand just in case leaving the table is necessary.

Overall, Thanksgiving might be scary, but it is an important time to be grateful, spend time with loved ones, and eat good food. With these survival tips, you are bound to have a successful, and less stressful holiday.


Savannah Rude, Teen Connect Youth Advisory Board Blog Manager

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