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Why LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Education is Important

In the push for comprehensive sex education programs, this month, the Sex Ed for All campaign calls for more curriculum and resources inclusive to minorities, including LGBTQ+ youth. This month is used to show and gather support for youth who have called for modern and diverse sex ed programs and resources for all teens.

Part of the Sex Ed for All campaign is practicing intersectionality (how identities can overlap) in sex ed curriculum to make sure that everyone has equal access to sexual health education and resources. Sex education programs should include curriculum for LGBTQ+ youth because they make up part of the diverse range of students seeking sexual health information and resources in today’s society. Teens are actively exploring their sexuality & gender during this time period, and it is important that they have access to medically accurate, evidence-based educational information.

This includes information about methods of birth control and safe sex for LGBTQ+ people, which are entirely left out of many current sex education programs. Without access to this education and sexual health resources, LGBTQ+ youth are at risk for unsafe sex and its repercussions. The lack of sex ed programming that is inclusive to LGBTQ+ teens needs to be addressed, and that’s just what Sex Ed for All is working towards. Sex Ed for All’s purpose is to raise awareness about these issues and provide helpful solutions to better the state of sex education.

Here are ways you can get involved:

Learn about local and national LGBTQ+ resources available for youth here.

Grace Beilman, Teen Connect Youth Advisory Board Member

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