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Youth Votes Count

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

According to the Plus 1 Vote campaign, young people can be the largest voting block during this year’s election. Make sure YOU are registered to vote and request a vote-by-mail ballot at your county’s Supervisor of Elections website.

The Ybor Youth Clinic's Youth Community Advisory Board (YCAB) wanted to share the following important information in order to increase youth voter turnout in this next election as a part of YCAB's Youth Votes Count Initiative. Follow @ycab_tampa on Instagram for more information and updates. For the links on the flyers below, see the Linktree in the @ycab_tampa description!

Pre-registering makes sure that the moment you turn 18, you’re officially a voter that can participate in all future elections. It’s easy and takes less than two minutes if done online. So, make sure you register and do your part in this election!

The deadline to pre-register is October 5th for early voting or if you want to vote on election day. However, if you pre-register sooner you’ll be able to participate in vote-by-mail and keep your community safe!

  • To pre-register AND to check your voter registration status, visit

  • For more information about voter preregistration, see this article from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

  • For more information about early voting in the Tampa Bay area, see this article from the Tampa Bay Times.

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